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Started From – 1st July ’21

Yajruveda is about Karma and Karmakand. These classes will help you understand and experience power of Veda that contains Mahamrityunjay Mantra, Gayatri Mantra, Ishopanishad, Rudra Adhyaya. Will also help counter allegations put on Yajurveda related to beef, vulgarity etc.


9pm - 10pm IST, Google Meet - FREE

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Started From 19th June ’21

Vedanta Darshan is all about understanding Eeshwar – the ultimate lakshya of life. These lessons will be free from any inclination towards a specific school of thought and offer a neutral reason-driven insight into one of the most amazing scriptures.


9pm - 10pm IST, GOOGLE MEET - FREE


Frequently Asked

What are the fees for 40 Days Sanskrit Course?

Enrollment Fees for 40 Days Sanskrit Course are as follows

₹ 2100 for Indian Students
$ 50 for Foreign & NRI Students

What are the recommended books for learning Sanskrit?

This is the recommended book for learning Sanskrit and used in courses run by Gurkulam and Agniveer. This is written by noted Sanskrit scholar and freedom fighter Acharya Ram Shastri. Acharya ji was blind but had a gift of wisdom and articulation that is unparalleled. He was also an acclaimed Ayurvedacharya. You can order your copy here :  

Sanskrit-Hindi :

What if I missed Vedanta Darshan and Yajurveda previous classes?

Start now by joining the next upcoming session with continuity in future. We will upload the previous session videos shortly.

When will you upload previous lecture's videos?

Easy access to knowledge actually ends up being a roadblock to gaining knowledge, especially Dharmik. Because Tapa reduces. Still, we will upload them shortly and update the same on our Twitter handle @Gurukulam_ . Requesting you to follow the same in order to remain updated. 

Can you please recommend books on Vedanta Darshan?

The recommended Darshan books for our Gurukulam Classes is Complete set of Darshan commentary in Hindi by Acharya Udayveer Shastri. He was also teacher of Hutatma Bhagat Singh and other deshbhakts. A must read set for better understanding can be ordered from here in discounted price :

What will be the medium of Instruction?


What will be the best recommended books for Yajurveda and other upcoming Vedas sessions?

Complete set of 4 Vedas (Sanskrit-Hindi/Sanskrit-English) with more than 20,000 original mantra & transliteration. Ved are the root of entire Dharma. Every Muslim has Quran. Every Christian has Bible. Every Hindu MUST have Vedas. A must have set for better understanding and debunking lies spread by Hindu-haters (like beef, incest, subjugation of women, vulgarity etc) can be ordered from below in discounted price :

Sanskrit-Hindi (includes exhaustive commentary, 14 hard-bound volumes):

Sanskrit-English (8 hard bound volumes):